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ATQ Tokens

ATQ Tokens

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Age Of Token Quest ($ATQ)?

Age Of Token Quest is a groundbreaking ecosystem that combines the strategic depth of games like ‘Risk’ and ‘Age of Empires’ with the innovative financial opportunities of cryptocurrency. It allows users to engage in a digital world of geopolitics, trade, and warfare, empowering them with financial and strategic control over virtual countries.

How do I participate in the $ATQ ecosystem?

You can participate by joining our ICO to acquire $ATQ tokens. Once you have tokens, you can trade them for country tokens, engage in commodity markets, and later, use them to form strategic alliances and manage military resources.

What makes $ATQ different from other cryptocurrencies?

$ATQ stands out by providing a unique multi-layered ecosystem that allows for immersive strategy and investment. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, $ATQ offers a hybrid platform where the decisions of token holders have a direct impact on the ecosystem’s economy and their financial growth.

What is the total supply of $ATQ tokens, and why?

The total supply is 5,896,000,000 $ATQ tokens, a reflection of the world population in 1997, paying tribute to the release year of ‘Age of Empires’ and ensuring a finite supply that fosters scarcity and value.